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What is Homestead Community?

Homestead Community is a project working to connect all of the men and women who want to cooperate in building a way of life that is more aligned with the mind, body and spirit.

Our ethos

Striving to achieve self-sufficiency and individual sovereignty, we try to live according to the principles of natural law and uphold traditional values.
We foster morality and honesty, and seek to always learn and grow as people.

The long-term vision

We aim to create a network of many such communities around the world, in an effort to promote a rich environment for communication, trade and fellowship between each community.
We believe that collaboration between like-minds can lay the foundations for a very prosperous and successful future.

To kick-start the project, we are creating the very first community: Verdant Valleys


After receiving dozens of minimum effort, 2-sentence emails from people looking to be spoon-fed information, we’ve decided to add this section to the main page, hopefully deterring any further inquiries of this caliber.
We are very eager to meet all the awesome people out there, such as yourself, but please keep in mind: we are people too, we are busy, and we are not here to provide lazy strangers with all the information they didn’t bother looking up themselves.
If you send an email, kindly be sure to put effort in it, write something that would spark our interest, not just to fish for information or waste our time if you have no real intention of actually following through.
So please be thoughtful, tell us about yourself, what you are passionate about, what you can offer the community, and what you would like to know more about.
Don't be discouraged - just be honest and show genuine interest!


We believe in a future where independent communities organize to create systems and structures that are based on principles that matter – that work; not only for the community but also promote a healthy environment around them.

Our most important considerations for this, are: humility, gratefulness, morality, honesty, responsibility, hard work, generosity, kindness…

If you are someone who is willing to sacrifice comforts, benefits and privileges – take control of your own life, and become a producer, rather than a consumer, then we are looking for someone like you!


However, we are strictly not interested in meeting people who: are looking for an easy life, think they are entitled or owed things, have a victim mentality, constantly complain or look for things to blame their problems on, are not humble enough to collaborate with others properly, have a selfish or opportunistic outlook on life, and many such attitudes that could fall into these categories.

In other words: People who aren’t ready to engage life with an attitude of “how can I help, or what can I do to help others?” ought to seriously reflect on what they are looking for, before reaching out.

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Let’s build a greater future. Together. For all of us.

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